Book Summary: Pre-Suasion

Pre-suasion is the practice of getting people sympathetic to your message before they experience it

What we present first changes the way people experience what we present to them next

If you want to convince people, you should act to transform their beliefs or attitudes or experience in ways that make them want to buy the product, we have to attract a person’s mind at the time of decisions, like if you want people to test new soft drinks, you can ask them whether they consider themselves adventurous to try a new thing? All will agree and will try that.

As an influence process, whatever we can do to focus people on something makes that thing more important to them than before

The author explains the importance of background by giving the example of an online sofa seller site, i.e. to put clouds as an online site’s background can give customers comfort, and attract more customers

The author also explains the importance of viewpoint, if we see 2 people and can see the face of only one of them, we will be more influential toward the guy whose face is visible

There are some attractors, like

  1. Infusing sex into advertising is a surefire way to increase sales
  2. Violence, with its associated threat to safety, has always been able to draw human attention

Environment matters a lot, for example, you walk from one room to another room, sometimes you forget the purpose of your trip to another room because you are entering into a different environment which redirects your attention to the new setting and from your purpose

There are some magnetizers, like

  1. The research found that we remember the things or works which are unfinished, our reliability is more when there are some unfinished works are there, it is called “Zeigarnik effect”
  2. Speaker can have the attention of the audience when he starts the speech with mystery

It is a general tendency that those who have given benefits to us are entitled to benefit from us in return, it is called reciprocation

If you have similarities with another one, you can better influence him

When there is some message, the source of the message and teller of the message affects how much influence that will create

When people can buy something is limited or less available or available for a shorter time, they buy it more than their needs

When people feel themselves a part of a group, if another person is related to them by blood (kinship), by place, or by region, they feel more obligated to help him

Research proved that people who worked in the same manner, become ready to help their partner more than who didn’t in the same manner

If some people made something with the help of each other, they feel a special affinity for each other

Asking for advice is good advice, one amazing tip for businesses to make customers attached to the brand is ask advice from them, providing advice puts a person in a merging state of mind, which stimulates a linking of one’s own identity with another party’s

“When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice”

Many times, patients of a clinic forgot their appointment date

One study tried to solve this problem, in which they asked patients to fill date and time on appointment card instead of receptionist, and the subsequent no-show rate decreased by 18%

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