Nifty Rolling Return Analysis

There are multiple complex formulae to compute opportunity cost for companies

But if we want to take one single parameter, which can be taken as an opportunity cost for every company or for every business in India, there is a Nifty Index for us

The Nifty index was launched in 1996, by NSE; it is a combination of 50 companies from diversified sectors

We have done analysis on Nifty’s journey from 1996 to 2020, its yearly returns, its 3-year, 5-year, 10-year rolling returns, and came to the conclusion that, on an average, Nifty provides a return of 13% in every 10 years and a return of 12% in every 5 year

This is a return, which is available for any person who invests in Nifty (Through index funds or ETFs) with a touch of a button

Hence, companies or businesses in India, have to generate return more than Nifty, only then their sweat and hard work are meaningful, a person with no business can earn a Nifty return

Nifty Rolling Return Analysis

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